Update Regarding Waste and Recycle Collections

Our team at Waste Management wanted to provide you with an update regarding our current waste and recycle collections operations. As you know our service has been delayed over the past few weeks and in some cases carried over until the next day in order to complete service. We apologize for this delay and want to share a few factors affecting our ability to provide service as customarily provided.

Two factors are impacting our daily collection operations. First, we are encountering record volumes of waste. The winter storm has caused significant damage to residential landscapes throughout our area. As a result, many residents have set out an increased amount of green waste this spring. The increased volume of materials has resulted in trucks becoming fuller, faster and longer wait times at landfills, which reduces the amount of time trucks are available to drive on the streets in your community. While we are utilizing all our available resources in equipment and people to meet the increased demand, we continue to require extra time to complete routes by returning to your community the next day to complete the service. We anticipate the increase in volumes to persist over the next several weeks as residents clean up their yards. We will continue to adjust and seek efficiencies at every opportunity to expedite a return to your regular collection service.

A second factor influencing our ability to complete service is a shortage of drivers. The waste industry as a whole is feeling the impact of a nationwide shortage of qualified drivers. Recently, driver shortages have affected our daily operations when our drivers request earned vacation time or seek time off for illness. When you compound absenteeism with a shortage of drivers, the result is unfinished routes. We are making a significant effort to fill current driver voids for our routes with qualified and skilled drivers. Speaking of drivers, Waste Management has several open positions for experienced drivers. We even offer a $2500 sign on bonus. If you are aware of anyone seeking a driver position, please feel free to send them my way.

We understand that residents want their trash and recycling picked up on time. We want to assure residents that WM is working diligently to serve our communities. We want you to know we are listening and doing our best to resolve this matter. In the spirit of transparency, it may take several more weeks to overcome this situation. However, I am confident we can fulfill our commitment to make timely collections safely and efficiently as we work to overcome the current challenges. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we work to serve our communities safely. Thank you for your business.