What is a MUD/LID?

A municipal utility district (or “MUD”) is a governmental entity that acts to provide limited public services. In Woodforest, which is not within any city limits, MUD 113 acts to provide certain municipal functions – specifically, public wastewater collection and treatment, drainage, major road improvements, garbage collection, and public park and recreational facilities.

In order to pay for the public facilities and services to its constituents, MUD 113 (i) charges monthly usage fees to cover wastewater and garbage collection services and (ii) levies an annual property tax, which allows MUD 113 to pay for the debt service on bonds issued by MUD 113 and other operation and maintenance expenses.

Who is in charge of MUD 113? How does MUD 113 Board get elected or appointed?

MUD 113 is governed by a Board of five directors, who have equal voting authority. Each director serves a staggered 4-year term, with elections in May of every even-numbered year. For example, two directors were elected in May 2016 and serve until May 2020. The remaining three directors are elected in May 2018 and serve until May 2022. There are no current term limits for directors.

How do consultants and contractors get selected?

MUD 113’s Board of Directors engages qualified contractors, consultants, and service companies to provide services to its residents. All contractors, consultants, and service providers serve at the discretion and direction of the Board. MUD 113 currently has no employees.

Wastewater and Drainage
Design: LJA Engineering
Maintenance and Billing: Municipal Operations & Consulting, Inc.

Garbage Collections
Provider: Waste Management
Billing: Included with monthly wastewater bill

Design: LJA Engineering
Maintenance: Montgomery County

Park and Recreational Facilities
Design: TBG
Maintenance: MUD 113

Construction for MUD 113 Improvements
Contracts are awarded in accordance with competitive bidding laws applicable to MUDs.

Attorney and Official Record Keeper
The Muller Law Group, PLLC

Financial Advisor
Robert W. Baird, Inc.

Myrtle Cruz, Inc.

Tax Assessor/Collector
Assessments of the Southwest, Inc.

McGrath & Co.

Where can I get reports about water quality?

Although MUD 113 does not provide water service, Mid-South Synergy can provide information regarding water quality. On an annual basis, Mid-South Synergy provides all customers a consumer confidence report, which provides water quality data on water supplied to residents in MUD 113.

What does my monthly sewer bill cover?

Each month you receive a wastewater bill from Municipal Operations & Consulting, Inc. The bill covers the following expenses:

  • Wastewater & Garbage Collection – based on the Rate Order adopted by MUD 113’s Board.
How do I contact MUD 113?

All meetings of the Board of Directors are open to the public. Meetings are conducted at 9:00 AM on the THIRD Monday of each month at the following address:

The Palm, 251 Central Pine Street, Montgomery, Texas 77316

If you would like to contact the Board of Directors or obtain any public records of MUD 113, you may send a written request to MUD 113’s attorney at the following address:

Montgomery County Municipal Utility District No. 113
c/o The Muller Law Group, PLLC
202 Century Square Blvd.
Sugar Land, Texas 77478

If you have any questions regarding services provided by MUD 113, you may also contact the providers listed above.

Is there any way to lower my MUD 113 tax bill?

Each year, the MUD 113 Board establishes an annual budget based on its projected revenue and expenses in determining the tax rate and financing plan for capital improvements. The Board must carefully consider both debt service requirements as wells as operation and maintenance needs. As property value in MUD 113 grows as a result of new development, and as debt service requirements go down as a result of payments of principal, MUD 113 taxes generally decrease.

Although most bonds issued by MUD 113 are supported by an unlimited tax rate pledge, the issuance of bonds by MUD 113 is subject to strict regulatory review and approval. MUD 113 must meet certain financial feasibility requirements prior to approval of the sale of bonds by either the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality or the Attorney General of Texas. For detailed information regarding MUD 113’s bonds, please see the Electronic Municipal Market Access website maintained by the MSRB.

In addition, MUD 113’s property tax bills are based on appraised value. Therefore, you may also contact the Montgomery Central Appraisal District if you believe your current home’s assessed value is inaccurate.

Who maintains our streets and who should I contact if there is a problem with a street?

Public streets are maintained by Montgomery County. If there is a problem with a street, residents should contact the County Commissioner’s office at (936) 442-7766 or visit the County Commissioner’s website.

Who maintains storm sewers, drainage ditches, and detention ponds?

MUD 113 is responsible for maintenance of the storm sewers, drainage ditches and detention ponds.

Who maintains street lights?

Mid South Electric is responsible for street light maintenance. To report an outage or damage to a street light, please call (281) 367-5511 or visit MOC’s website.

Who owns and operates our sewer treatment plant?

MUD 113 owns and operates the wastewater treatment plant.

Why do I have to send a payment once a year to the District Tax Collector in addition to the monthly payments I make to MOC for my water service?

Your MUD 113 taxes pay for the capital costs and maintenance of the sanitary sewer, drainage and detention facilities, major roadways and certain public park and recreational facilities, street lighting and additional law enforcement patrols within the community. The water system is privately owned and operated by MSEC, not MUD 113, and your water bill pays for the capital costs and operations of that facility.

What is the difference between the monthly MUD bill and the yearly MUD tax bill I get from the MUD tax collector?

The MUD 113 bill covers all of the cost to provide garbage service and a portion of the cost to provide sewer service. The MUD 113 taxes pay for debt service on district debt, maintenance of district facilities (including that portion of the sewer costs not covered by the monthly bill), and administrative costs.

Where can I find information on our water supply from MSEC, the Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District mandate to reduce groundwater consumption, and the consequences of MSEC membership in the SJRA Groundwater Reduction Plan?

The Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District (LSGCD) was created by the Texas Legislature in 2001 for the purpose of preserving, conserving, and protecting Montgomery County’s groundwater supplies. LSGCD mandated in 2011 that large volume groundwater users were to file Groundwater Reduction Plans (GRP) to show how they would reduce their 2009 usage by 30% by January 1, 2016.

The San Jacinto River Authority (SJRA) is a government agency formed in 1937 whose mission is to manage the water resources of the San Jacinto River basin which includes all of Montgomery County.

In order to comply with the LSGCD requirement, SJRA developed its GRP in 2011 to be a collaborative countywide solution that would be open to any and all utilities in the county. The centerpiece strategy is to treat and pump surface water from Lake Conroe to selected utilities in Conroe and the Woodlands to achieve the overall average 30% reduction in groundwater usage. Over 160 large volume groundwater users elected to join this consortium. Project costs to design and construct the facilities needed to deliver surface water are being funded through pumpage fees assessed to member utilities.

Mid-South Synergy (MSEC) is a large volume groundwater user that provides drinking water to certain unincorporated areas of Montgomery County including the Woodforest community under a state Certificate of Convenience and Necessity which grants exclusivity of supply. Woodforest MUD 113 has no wells of its own and is under contract with MSEC for water supply. MSEC elected to join the SJRA GRP, so our water is a mix of existing groundwater and new surface water. Groundwater rates are set by MSEC, and the additional pumpage fees are set by SJRA.

For additional information on this topic, please contact:
LSGCD at (936) 494-3436
SJRA at (936) 588-3111
MSEC at (936) 825-5100

Garbage Collection Service Guidelines