MESSAGE FROM MUD 113 and 121:

As you are likely aware, the Woodforest area has received significant rainfall within the last 48 hours. In addition to the rainfall within the community, upstream rainfall directly impacts drainage rates within Woodforest. When creek levels remain high due to upstream rainfall, residents may see slower drainage within Woodforest. The MUD 113 and 121 engineers are actively monitoring water surface elevations measured at the USGS gauge of Lake Creek at Sendera Ranch (link below), which provides important information to evaluate conditions within the area.

USGS Current Conditions for USGS 08067920 Lake Ck at Sendera Ranch Rd nr Conroe, TX

At the current gauge reading at Lake Creek, residents may see continued ponding within streets. After the flow level at Lake Creek crests and declines, residents should see rapid improvement in drainage and receding water in the streets.

We will continue to monitor Lake Creek throughout the day and will notify residents if any emergency conditions are anticipated. At this time, we encourage all residents to continue to use caution traveling throughout the community.